manufacture and sale of hydraulic equipment: hydraulic drive, pumps, hydraulic press, filters, valve equipment, hydraulic unit

manufacture and sale of hydraulic equipment: hydraulic drive, pumps, hydraulic press, filters, valve equipment, hydraulic unit

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Dear visitors! Welcome to the official website of LLC "TD Zavod Kommunar", a manufacturer of hydraulic equipment in the city of Saraktash, Orenburg region.

For more than 40 years, our factory has been specializing in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of hydraulic drives for industrial equipment, pumps, valve equipment, filters, feeders and other hydraulic equipment. More detailed information about LLC "TD Zavod Kommunar" can be found in the section About the company.

We are happy to offer our customers the following products and services:

  • overhaul of presses;
  • hydraulic presses;
  • hydroelectric units;
  • pumps of type 50НР, 50 НС, Н403 Е;
  • pumping units of type А50 НР, А50 НС;
  • pumps of type Г-11;
  • pumping installations of type БГ-11;
  • filters of type ФГМ 32-..., ФМС-50;
  • valve hydraulic equipment;
  • test benches;
  • lubricating equipment for metallurgical production;
  • heat exchangers;
  • component parts for railway track machines;
  • forged and punching parts;
  • cast parts of cast iron, steel, non-ferrous metals.

In the catalog of our products models of the produced hydraulic equipment are presented with a convenient breakdown by categories. The description of each position is accompanied by a photo, information on the purpose, technical characteristics of the model and a graphic representation of the dimensions and connecting dimensions. You can also download the electronic version of the catalog .

In addition to the items indicated in the catalog, LLC "TD Zavod Kommunar" can produce almost any hydraulic drive on request, with the design of technical documentation or according to the customer's documents.

In the section Our dealers we have listed the partner companies that sell hydraulic equipment produced on our plant. To send us an application, ask a question, offer cooperation, contact us by phone or other contact information. Our specialists will contact you as soon as possible!

We wish you a pleasant browsing of our website and are waiting for your applications!

Our contacts

Адрес: 462100, Orenburg region, Saractash,
Zavodskoy str.,1А
Phones: Marketing Deprtament (35333) 6-14-55, 6-10-15
Receptions room 6-14-53, 6-03-06
fax(35333) 6-14-53

Representation in Sankt-Peterburg
Sankt-Peterburg,Constitution square, 2,
phone. 8-(812)-363-05-00 add. 116, 118
mob. phone. 8-981-848-94-62
mob. phone. 8-981-884-18-94


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